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This section of my website contains poems that were written as lyrics for songs. They do not conform to my normal poetry. While the poems sometimes speak of death and destruction, I tried to avoid condoning such actions. The only true death and destruction in any of these is of the Apacolypse. The only exceptions are in the poems "Pleasured Death" in which I condone mercy killings, and "An Eye for an Eye" in which I condone the death penalty.

For other aspects of my creative side, see my music and paintings pages.

All poetry/lyrics posted here are written by me, protected by copyright law, and the copyrights are registered with the Library of Congress U.S. Copyright Office.

  1. An Eye for an Eye
  2. Bad Head Trip
  3. Broken Ties
  4. Diehard
  5. Disaster Master
  6. It's What's In Your Heart
  7. Pleasured Death
  8. Snake is the Devil
  9. Temptress

If you would like to read more, please visit my Poetry page, where I have other poetry that I have written, but not used as lyrics.

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