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In the following pages are some of the most personal expressions of my inner being. Many of these poems capture very emotional moments in my life, much like a photograph would capture a single physical moment in time. I often write poetry when at the extreme of an emotional wave, be it joy or sorrow. While some poems won't require any kind of explanation, there are certain ones that I've added notes either before or after in order to provide additional information. I have several unfinished poems, but will post new ones when they are completed.

For other aspects of my creative side, see my music and paintings pages.

All poetry posted here is written by me, protected by copyright law, and the copyrights are registered with the Library of Congress U.S. Copyright Office.

  1. An Introduction - simply an introduction I wrote to my collection of poetry.
  2. A Falling Leaf
  3. Altered Reality
  4. Broken Ties
  5. Come Home
  6. Dangerous Eyes
  7. Death Holds All The Charm
  8. Empty Heart
  9. Everyone Can Mold Their Future
  10. Friends
  11. Loss of ID
  12. Mom - in memory of Carol Dodd.
  13. My Castle
  14. My Feelings
  15. Seduction
  16. She Was...
  17. Still Motion
  18. Symbolism
  19. Temptation
  20. Temptress
  21. The Friend of a Friend
  22. The Rising of the Sun
  23. There Used To Be Life Here
  24. Time vs. Life
  25. 'Tis But a Moment
  26. Trust
  27. Warm and Loving Feelings

If you would like to read more, please visit the Lyrics page, where I have poems that were written as song lyrics.

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